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Grass Bagger The Boss XL Grass Bagger features three heavy duty cloth bags totaling 12 bushel capacity.  It is designed with a tapered cut to provide ease in removing and dumping debris. Hitch Kit Easy to install with the Stand-Up Deck, the hitch kit allows the mower to attach a small trailer for hauling debris or supplies.  Hitch will accept up to 5/8” shank ball. Mulch Kit Country Clipper mowing decks can be converted to a mulching deck with the mulch kit.  Installation will never be easier than it is with the Stand-Up Deck. Light Kit Two square halogen lights mount easily on the fenders allowing you extra productivity after dark. Push Blade A mower for all seasons!  The push blade makes light work of snow removal, landscaping and much more. Hand Rail Universally designed to assist the operator when entering or exiting the mower.  Coupled with the wide front step, climbing into the seat has never been easier. Power Lift The revolutionary Power Lift allows the operator to adjust the cutting height and stand the deck to a vertical position with the push of a button. EZ Lift Hand Jack The EZ Lift Hand Jack allows the operator to easily raise and lower the deck for serviceability and cleaning.  It can be operated with the included hand crank or an impact drill. ROPS For added protection on sloping terrain. Folds for storage or low clearance areas. Wide Front Step Country Clipper's wide front step adds convenience and safety when getting on and off your mower.
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